Sold Out Bebe Clothing Styles – Available at Dream-Adventures

We are so lucky to have scored some hard to find Bebe clothing items including skirts, dresses, jeans and jean shorts.   Some of these styles are SOLD OUT online at Bebe, and are only available in the secondary market.

We love Bebe clothing, and we carry a wide range of it at Dream-Adventures.

Here is a quick video showcasing our new Bebe arrivals.

See something you like?  We get it and that is why we have this quick link to our Bebe listings.  Happy Shopping and may your days be filled with Dream-Adventures!

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Kathy Van Zeeland Watches – Affordable Luxury Jewelry

Did you know that the queen of fantastic handbags, Kathy Van Zeeland, also has an accessory line?  It is true!  And this accessory line includes a fantastic collection of watches.

Animal Print Cuff Watch

Her watches are affordable timepieces, and come in a huge range of styles from Sport Watches to gemstone embellished cuff bracelet watches and includes everything in between.

Dream-Adventures is one of the few places you can find Kathy Van Zeeland watches, and we are happy to share them with you!

Charm Bracelet Watch

Take a couple minutes to relax and watch our video showcasing our styles available;  if you see something you like, just visit Dream-Adventures to quickly and easily purchase one.  May your days be filled with Dream-Adventures!

Dream-Adventures Guide to Caring for Coach Shoes

Coach shoes, ah the luxury!  If you have spent your hard earned dough on a pair of authentic designer Coach shoes or boots, then you want to be sure you take care of them properly.

Coach Cardinal Shoes in Signature Fabric

Long established, Coach has been in existance since 1941?   The Coach Footwear Collection is stylish and varied, combining different materials in the final product.  With the different kinds of leathers, suede and fabric it can get a bit confusing knowing what to do to take the best care of them.  Here are some tips:

Smooth Coach leather:
For Coach calf leather and kidskin leather, simply wipe the boots or shoes with a dry clean cloth.  Applying shoe cream or Coach Leather Cleaner and Moisturizer is a great way to clean them as well.  Use small circle strokes and then buff it out with a dry cloth.

Metallic Coach leather:
For this type, soiled boots and shoes can be wiped with a dry cloth. Metallic leather is susceptible to abrasion during wear and scuffs pretty easily.  Excessive polishing or rubbing will damage the metallic surfaces.

Vachetta leather, textured leather and waxy leather:
Again, use a dry cloth or a slightly damp clothing if the shoes are soiled. Do not use the Coach Leather Cleaner on this type of leather!

Nubic and suede:

For general cleaning, brush the suede softly with a suede brush (that sometimes comes with the shoes) to remove marks and stains. If you have a stubborn stain you can use a suede eraser initially and then use the suede brush.  Be careful though, because if your suede is colored there is a risk of color transfer!

Coach signature fabrics:
Yes, the ever popular Coach signature fabric!  To remove stains, wipe with a damp cloth which will remove most spots. You can also use the Coach Signature Fabric cleaner (follow directions on the bottle).

The cleaners we mention above can be purchased at any Coach store, Coach Outlet, and online at  You can also find them a bit less expensive on eBay.   Check out the Coach cleaners on eBay.

May your days be filled with Dream-Adventures!

(Looking for authentic Coach footwear?  We have Coach shoes and Coach boots in stock!

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Authentic Designer Clothing – New Bebe Clothing by Kardashian Sisters Launching Soon

Love them or not, the Kardashian sisters have teamed up to create a fashion collection clothing line for Bebe to be released in mid-February.

The collection, says Kim Kardashian, is sexy and has her personality in it, playing up a youthful look.  Khloe Kardashian added that the line is meant to fit many women with different body types and that the line is able to take you from daytime to nighttime easily.

These pieces include dresses and separates, and they hope that they can find appeal to the many of women out there that are already fans of Bebe as well as new customers that may not be that familiar with the line.

This trio of sisters including Kourtney have shot to fame based mostly on their TV reality show.  If you watch the show, you will know they are known for bickering and bitching, but Kourtney says that they didn’t argue in the design process like they do on the show.  Amazing!

We are excited to see the launch of this line!  You can start to shop for the Kardashian collection for Bebe on February 11th.  The items will be in stores and available online at  Of corse, you can always wait a week or so and scoring some of them online on eBay!

Happy shopping & may your days be filled with Dream-Adventures!

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Dream-Adventures: Bebe to Expand Handbags & Accessory Offerings

Bebe has long been known for their clothing line, including gorgeous Bebe dresses.

But their handbags and accessories have never been a very significant part of their collections.  Sure, they offered some handbags and shoes and small items but never a large collection.  Bebe lovers rejoice!  Bebe has entered a 3 year partnership with Accessory Network Group to create a full line of handbags and accessories starting in Fall 2010.  This means you will probably see them in the stores around July of 2010.

One of the hot new offerings you will see is the Bebe Denim Darling bags, featuring a quilted look.  The heart embellishments and chain link handles are glam!  According to our sources and a recent post at, you can plan on seeing satchels, totes, mini handbags, and more featuring the logo embellished hardware.

Fall 2010 Bebe Handbags (photo credits to

There will be a mix of leather and faux leather offerings, so there should be a comfy price for most budgets.  Yippee!! 

Can’t wait until then?  You can always find amazing deals on Bebe handbags on eBay.  Check out all the yummy offerings!

May your days be filled with Dream-Adventures!

Women With Control Leggings – A Girl’s Best Friend

Have you heard of Women With Control brand?  This is a magnificent brand of clothing that is a dream!

I love the leggings, which come in a variety of wardrobe basic colors like black (yummy–love it), grey, and navy blue.  These easy to wear leggings fit like a dream, with a built-in butt boosting fabric!  I like the bootcut, because it is flattering and not clingy.  The flare of the silhouette makes thighs looks slimmer, which is a super feature alone!!

The fabric has a spandex blend, which controls any bumps and bulges you may have.  They come in misses and in plus sizes.  Oh!  And they are machine washable too!!  Yippee!

Women With Control is found on QVC shopping channel, and we also carry them at Dream-Adventures.  A quick link to our Women With Control items can be found by clicking here.   How can we sell QVC clothing so cheap?  Find out how at

Happy shopping, and may your days be filled with Dream-Adventures!

Coach Poppy Metallic Leather Glam Tote is perfect for Valentine’s Day!

My oh my!  Coach has just released a bundle of new designer handbags and accessories including sunglasses and shoes for Spring, and I am simply delighted by the perky glam style of the new Coach Poppy Metallic Glam Leather Tote!  Just look at how incredibly adorable it is!

What an amazing bag!

Can you resist?  No way!  It’s a great size too, around 16 x 12, so there is room to store what you need without being too bulky.  All of the Coach Poppy Glam bags are hot (you can scour them all here), but this one with the hearts is just eye poppingly lovely!

Style #14551, this Coach bag is only available in this pink colorway.  But why would you want it any way else?  Yum-o!

You can find this limited edition bag at, or on eBay as well.  At a hefty $298 retail, it pays to shop eBay and check Amazon for Coach Poppy Tote deals on this yummy bag!

Happy shopping, and may your days be filled with Dream-Adventures!